Third Party Inspections are a critical part of the construction process. Occasionally the design documents (drawings, reports and specifications) are prepared or approved in a hurried fashion, and code requirements are overlooked in the permitting process. Or, due to one reason or another, what is constructed does not match the approved drawings, or design intent. It doesn’t matter what the drawings show if the construction either doesn’t meet code, or doesn’t match the approved drawings! Our effort is to aid the builders to identify any potential problems early, and help resolve issues before major costs are incurred and avoid reconstruction costs. Our experience as Building officials, plans examiners, architects and engineers as well as inspectors brings a depth of experience to our inspections that are unique in the industry.

AEC-West also offers special inspection services for structural steel and bolting construction, as well as for materials such as soils compaction, deep and shallow foundations, concrete, masonry, welding, and fireproofing through our partner firms for other special inspection requirements.

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