Core Values

  1. Providing the highest quality architectural and engineering services, meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations on every project
  2. Reliance on innovation through project experience: engineering solutions for construction sequencing and tolerance into designs
  3. Open, honest, and team-oriented communication throughout projects, from first phone call through final site visit
  4. Attention to client service
    • Heavy reliance on clear and concise verbal and written communication
    • Understanding of project big picture, and recognizing our role in helping our clients and their clients fulfill project goals
    • Delivery of work on time and on budget
    • Designed structures conscious of the project location, construction practices of the locality and specific contractor
    • Ongoing focused efforts to coordinate with other disciplines to improve the energy efficiency, reduce cost, and increase functionality of the end product.  We strive to be a leader within the collaborative process of designing coordinated and efficient structures for the 21st century and beyond
    • We are client and end user focused, with a solid foundation in common sense.
    • Professional and ethical business practices are of the utmost importance
    • Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader. At our company, the client always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed client’s expectations
    • Focus on safety of the general public and building occupants over the life of the structure