Peer Review / Plan Review Focus

AEC-West provides review of projects submitted for permit to Building Departments. Each project is reviewed with strict adherence to our company policy of independent objectivity as a third party. Projects have ranged from the simple to the complex across all occupancy classifications and Types of Construction. Our wide exposure and expertise allows us to provide impartial and comprehensive plan reviews clearly indicating the building classification and documenting noted deficiencies. Our reviews are individually prepared for each project and are not generated from standard checklists or pre-formatted comments. Our Plan Review Reports are written to provide the Building Official, and design team, with a clear and concise understanding of the issues. Comments from each discipline are grouped together for easy reference and each comment references a specific item in the plans or specifications as well as the Code reference. 

To provide complete coverage of all adopted codes each plan is typically reviewed by an ICC Certified Plans Examiner in addition to an Architect, Mechanical Engineer, an Electrical Engineer, and a Structural Engineer. No additional fees are charged for the multi-discipline review. 

Our Plan Reviewers utilize the Codes as adopted by your jurisdiction including the International series of Codes as well as the National Electrical Code and ICC A117.1 Accessibility Standard. Reviews will incorporate jurisdiction amendments as applicable.

On larger and complex projects AEC-West is available to join the Building Official in preliminary meetings with the project developers as well as provide preliminary reviews of progress drawings, again at no additional cost. We have found that this is an excellent way of bringing potential issues to the front and avoiding difficulties at permit submittal. 

Plan reviews are typically accomplished within 10 working days. If a longer period is required due to the size or complexity of the project we'll let you know up front. In addition to providing our review and written report we are available to assist the Building Official in assessing design team responses to our comments.


The advantages that teaming with AEC-West bring to you are many. Our expertise that allows you to receive an accurate, concise review in a timely manner is just part of the benefits.

  • Our clients have indicated that by using AEC-West they have been able to obtain improved Insurance Services Office Building Department ratings for their departments which can translate into substantial insurance premium savings for their community. 
  • Some of our clients have been able to maintain a high standard of service while working within budget spending limits by arranging to have review fees issued directly to AEC-West.
  • During peak periods review turnaround times can be kept within acceptable ranges by using AEC-West.

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